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Winter 2016 Playoff Information
Winter 2016 Playoff Brackets - PDF Version
Final Individual Player Stats
Final Season Match Results

Team Information
Team Name Sponsor Name
5 Bombs & A Lil Monster  O'Mainnin's Pub
A Hokie and 3 Smokeys  V.F.W. Post #4933
Big O Rejecks  Big Orange
C.R.S.  Colonial Heights Eagles
Cuyler Clan  American Legion Post #145
Damage Incorporated  50fifty Sports Tavern
Fire N The Hole  VFW Post #2166
GoodTymers  American Legion Post #145
I'd Hit That!?!  50fifty Sports Tavern
Jeckyl & Hyde  Colonial Heights Eagles
Just The Tip  V.F.W. Post #4933
Leave It In The Box  The Sportsman
Legion of DD  American Legion Post #145
Legion of Doom  American Legion Post #145
Night Moves  American Legion Post #145
Panic Attack  Abingdon Moose
Personal Demons  Abingdon Moose
Poppen Flights  VFW Post #2166
QYBAGTHESGFY  American Legion Post #145
Screaming Eagles  Colonial Heights Eagles
Shaft!  O'Mainnin's Pub
Sharpshooters  Big Orange
Smokey and the Bandits  V.F.W. Post #4933
State Street Straddlers  O'Mainnin's Pub
Taterheads  Colonial Heights Eagles
Team on a Mission  50fifty Sports Tavern
The Wohlfpack  American Legion Post #145
Tripsters  O'Mainnin's Pub
Who Flung Poo  Horseshoe Rest. & Lounge
Wolfe's Den  Abingdon Moose
The following Players are Ineligible for the Playoffs.
Minimum of 6 matches.
Team NamePlayer NameMatch Count
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterJoe Hills4
Big O RejecksChris Williams0
Big O RejecksSam Myers0
Big O RejecksB-B-B-Bruce Pendleton0
GoodTymersBecca Williamson4
Just The TipDaniel Russell2
Leave It In The BoxJ.R. Hunt0
Leave It In The BoxTroy Michael Clark1
Leave It In The BoxJonathan Frassrand2
Legion of DDAshley Taylor4
Shaft!Autumn Lyon5
Shaft!Jennifer Hickman4
Shaft!Milton Suggs0
Shaft!Zack Rasnake3
Shaft!Lelia Matney3
Shaft!Mike Agett5
Shaft!Sherri Anderson5
State Street StraddlersJason Ford3
Team on a MissionJoseph Looney0
Playoff Matches
Bracket A (Finals)
Tuesday May 31, 2016
(2)Damage Incorporated @ (1)The Wohlfpack
Bracket B (Finals)
Tuesday May 31, 2016
(7)QYBAGTHESGFY @ (1)Big O Rejecks
Announcements & Reminders
Playoff Finals

The Bracket A Playoff Finals will be on Tuesday, May 31st between The Wohlfpack and Damage Incorporated at Boone Dam VFW @ 7:30pm.

The Bracket B Playoff Finals game between Big O Rekjecks and QYBAGTHESGFY will be on Tuesday, May 31st at O'Mainnin's Pub @ 7:30pm.

Congratulations to these teams for making it to the Finals and Shoot Well!


Outside on patio @ American Legion. Doors open at 4pm, sign up for GUARANTEED $500 Blind Draw, $10 entry fee start at 5:00 and close at 6:00. Awards will be announced at 5pm. Please remember we have 4 open council member positions that we will be voting on at the Banquet!

GTCDA Council Nominations

Nominations are now open for the following GTCDA Council positions.

Vice President
Member At Large
Member At Large

Please email nominations to
Voting will be held at the Winter 2016 Banquet on June 4, 2016.

High In and High Out Winter 2016

High In

Chris Barnett 160

Eddie Wilson 160

High Out

Tyler Greer 160

G.T.C.D.A. Officals
President: Greg Street 
Vice President: Jim Cornwell  
Secretary: Shelly Anderson 
Treasurer: Tracy Rafalowski 
Sergeant At Arms: Foy Harris 
Member at Large: BJ Long 
Member at Large: Tony White 
Member at Large: Sam Wohlford 
Member at Large: Bruce Pendleton 
Statistician: Mike Booher 
Tournament Directors: BJ Long 
 Randy Callahan 
Scheduling Committee: Jim Cornwell 
 Greg Street