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Upcoming Matches
Tuesday May 03, 2016 (Week 14)
Who Flung Poo @ C.R.S.
Panic Attack @ Poppen Flights
Damage Incorporated @ Tripsters
Taterheads @ A Hokie and 3 Smokeys
Just The Tip @ I'd Hit That!?!
5 Bombs & A Lil Monster @ Wolfe's Den
Fire N The Hole @ Cuyler Clan
The Wohlfpack @ Leave It In The Box
Announcements & Reminders
Date Reminders

Here are some dates that we wanted to get out to you for planning purposes.

  • May 7th - State Team Celebration Blind Draw @ American Legion. Sign up start at 6pm and close at 7pm -- MORE DETAILS TO COME!!
  • May 21st - MVP tournament - venue to be determined
  • June 4th - Banquet - venue to be determined
  • June 25th - Players tournament, waiting on TDO approval on date. Venue to be determined

Rescheduled Matches and Match Report Deadline

Attention Captains:

All matches must be played and submitted by Friday, May 6th at noon or the missing match reports will be submitted as a double forfeit and be considered a loss for both teams in order for us to complete the playoff schedule in a timely manner.

High In and High Out Winter 2016

High In

Chris Barnett 160

Eddie Wilson 160

High Out

Tyler Greer 160

G.T.C.D.A. Officals
President: Greg Street 
Vice President: Jim Cornwell  
Secretary: Shelly Anderson 
Treasurer: Tracy Rafalowski 
Sergeant At Arms: Foy Harris 
Member at Large: BJ Long 
Member at Large: Tony White 
Member at Large: Sam Wohlford 
Member at Large: Bruce Pendleton 
Statistician: Mike Booher 
Tournament Directors: BJ Long 
 Sam Wohlford 
Scheduling Committee: Jim Cornwell 
 Greg Street