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Fall Season Sign-up Information
Fall 2015 Team Sign-Ups are OPEN!
Sign-Ups Will Close September 6, 2015.
Fall 2015 Season will begin September 14/15, 2015
Click the button below to sign up your team.

Only sign-up forms that are submitted through the website will be taken. Please do not use the Word Document form or send your team information in any other format except through the link above. Thank you for cooperation.

If you do not have a team and would like to play in the Fall 2015 season. Please email and we will assist with finding a team for you to play on this season.
Summer 2015 Playoff Information
Summer 2015 Playoff Brackets - PDF Version
Final Individual Player Stats
Final Season Match Results

Team Information
Team Name Sponsor Name
5 Bombs & A Lil Monster  O'Mainnin's Pub
Cuyler Clan  Abingdon Moose
Dam Baby Seal Clubbers  V.F.W. Post #4933
Damage Incorporated  Elk's Lodge #1847
Fire N The Hole  VFW Post #2166
JC 26ers  V.F.W. Post #4933
Jeckyll & Hyde  Colonial Heights Eagles
Just The Tip  V.F.W. Post #4933
Legion Of DD  American Legion Post #145
Legion Of Doom  American Legion Post #145
Night Moves  American Legion Post #145
Screaming Eagles  Colonial Heights Eagles
Sharpshooters  Big Orange
State Street Straddlers  O'Mainnin's Pub
Taterheads  Colonial Heights Eagles
The Crips & The New Bloods  V.F.W. Post #4933
The Exterminators  American Legion Post #145
The Real Getcha Some  The Sportsman
The Wohlf Pack  American Legion Post #145
Trip This Beeches!  Abingdon Moose
Trips TonNite  Numan's
What's The Point?  V.F.W. Post #4933
Who Flung Poo  Horseshoe Rest. & Lounge
The following Players are Ineligible for the Playoffs.
Minimum of 5 matches.
Team NamePlayer NameMatch Count
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterBrett Ramsey0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterPhillip Horn0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterBryon Looney0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterShawn Shrinner0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterC.T. Wingo0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterDave Barker0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterLora Taylor0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterDerek "Big D" Blix0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterTony Fridley0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterChris Barnett0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterTonya Martin0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterKim Anderson0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterJohn King0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterRick Graczyk0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterRachael Looney0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterMisty Dunbar0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterDarrell McCoy0
5 Bombs & A Lil MonsterPatrick Williams0
Cuyler ClanCarl Calhoun2
Cuyler ClanBryan Miller0
Cuyler ClanT.C. Cannon0
Dam Baby Seal ClubbersJeff Jenkins0
Dam Baby Seal ClubbersGreg Street0
Damage IncorporatedB-B-B-Bruce Pendleton0
JC 26ersAshley Taylor2
JC 26ersLelia Matney0
JC 26ersAndy Wilson0
JC 26ersChuck Hart1
Jeckyll & HydeJ.R. Hunt0
Jeckyll & HydeScott Mann0
Jeckyll & HydeAurlin Kelley0
Jeckyll & HydeTrey Hearst0
Jeckyll & HydeJason Jones0
Jeckyll & HydeRick Grubb3
Jeckyll & HydeTaylor Kelley0
Jeckyll & HydeJustin Bazemore0
Jeckyll & HydeCharlotte Mann0
Legion Of DoomRichard Turley0
Legion Of DoomPepper Hulse0
Screaming EaglesMike Sherfey0
Screaming EaglesTony Cox2
State Street StraddlersGreg Fuller0
State Street StraddlersTracey Childress2
State Street StraddlersPhillip Fritts0
TaterheadsTim Walker, Jr1
The Crips & The New BloodsDaniel Russell2
The Real Getcha SomeJosh Jones1
The Real Getcha SomeQuentin Worley3
The Real Getcha SomeJason Cunningham1
Trip This Beeches!Shirley Bower2
Trip This Beeches!Justin Whitworth2
Trip This Beeches!Chris Stewart2
Trip This Beeches!Danny Bland0
Trips TonNiteLacey Huskins3
Trips TonNiteChris Hurt3
What's The Point?Matt Phillips2
Playoff Matches
Announcements & Reminders
Summer 2015 Awards Banquet


The Summer 2015 Awards Banquet will be held Saturday, September 12th at the Elizabethton Elks Lodge

Doors open at 11am
Mandatory Captain’s Meeting will be held beginning at 12:00pm.Every team signed up for the Fall Season must have representation at this meeting.

Guaranteed $500 blind draw signups end promptly at 12:30pm. You must be present to sign up. No call in signups will be accepted.

High In and Out Summer 2015

High In

Tracy Rafalowski 160

High Out

John Ross 139

G.T.C.D.A. Officals
President: Greg Street 
Vice President: Jim Cornwell  
Secretary: Amy Cornwell 
Treasurer: Tracy Rafalowski 
Sergeant At Arms: Foy Harris 
Member at Large: BJ Long 
Member at Large: Tony White 
Member at Large: Sam Wohlford 
Member at Large: Bruce Pendleton 
Statistician: Mike Booher 
Tournament Directors: BJ Long 
 Sam Wohlford 
Scheduling Committee: Jim Cornwell 
 Greg Street