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Winter 2015 Week 5 Results
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Monday Night
The Original Blind Squirrels - 6 vs 5 Bombs & A Lil Monster - 13
Legion of Doom - 15 vs Taterheads - 4
Brutus” Bruisers - 3 vs Raiders - 16
The Exterminators - 11 vs Jeckyll & Hyde - 8
Screaming Eagles - 10 vs GoodTymers - 9
Not Reported: The Crips & The New Bloods vs State Street Straddlers
Tuesday Night
Couples Therapy - 10 vs Legion of DD - 9
Fire N The Hole - 10 vs Misfits - 9
Baby Seal Clubbers - 17 vs Trip This! - 2
UNCENSORED - 10 vs Poppen Flights - 9
Not Reported: Tripsters vs Who Flung Poo
Rescheduled: The Real Getcha Some vs Sharpshooters
Rescheduled: “Is It In?” vs Do-A-Bulls
Rescheduled: Cuyler Clan vs Blind Squirrel Darts
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Hi In/High Out Winter 2015

High In

Matt Kramer 130

High Out

Matt Sinnes 116

G.T.C.D.A. Officals
President: Greg Street 
Vice President: Jim Cornwell  
Secretary: Shelly Anderson 
Treasurer: Tracy Rafalowski 
Sergeant At Arms: TBA 
Member at Large: BJ Long 
Member at Large: Aurlin Kelly 
Member at Large: Lynn Widener 
Member at Large: Bruce Pendleton 
Statistician: Mike Booher 
Tournament Directors: Shelly Anderson 
 BJ Long 
Scheduling Committee: Jim Cornwell 
 Lynn Widener 
 Greg Street