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Summer 2016 Week 7 Results
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Monday Night
Legion of Doom - 15 vs Screaming Eagles - 4
Jeckyl & Hyde - 13 vs Legion of DD - 6
5 Bombs & A Lil Monster - 14 vs Personal Demons - 5
Not Reported: The Irish Drunks vs Big O Rejects
Not Reported: Poppen Flights vs State Street Straddlers
Tuesday Night
Fire N The Hole - 9 vs Six Deep - 10
Just The Tip - 5 vs A Hokie and 4 Smokeys - 14
Step to the Line - 1 vs Damage Incorporated - 18
Not Reported: I'd Hit That!?! vs Bust'n The Bed
Not Reported: Getcha Some vs Who Flung Poo
Not Reported: Panic Attack vs Wolfe's Den
Individual Player Stats.
Season Match Results.
Upcoming Matches
Monday July 25, 2016 (Week 8)
Screaming Eagles @ Personal Demons
The Irish Drunks @ Legion of Doom
State Street Straddlers @ 5 Bombs & A Lil Monster
Poppen Flights @ Legion of DD
Big O Rejects @ Jeckyl & Hyde
Tuesday July 26, 2016 (Week 8)
Who Flung Poo @ Wolfe's Den
A Hokie and 4 Smokeys @ Damage Incorporated
Fire N The Hole @ Getcha Some
Panic Attack @ Step to the Line
Six Deep @ Bust'n The Bed
I'd Hit That!?! @ Just The Tip
Announcements & Reminders
High In & High Out Summer 2016

High In

Bill Hitchcock 160

High Out

Rachel Karon 129

G.T.C.D.A. Officals
President: Greg Street 
Vice President: Leon Brimm  
Secretary: Shelly Anderson 
Treasurer: Tracy Rafalowski 
Sergeant At Arms: Foy Harris 
Member at Large: BJ Long 
Member at Large: Tony White 
Member at Large: Deirdre Kolesari 
Member at Large: Chris Boyd 
Statistician: Mike Booher 
Tournament Directors: BJ Long 
 Randy Callahan 
Scheduling Committee/Webmasters: Jim Cornwell 
 Greg Street